Flaschen Flaschen2


We are constantly striving to develop new products for our standard range. Listed below are the latest developments and extensions. Details and other products are found in our Store.

bottle dosing no. 0543, 500-ml bottle round no. 0519, 500-ml bottle dosing no. 1275, 1000-ml
bottle round no. 1221, 500-ml bottle round no. 1221, 750-ml bottle round no. 1304, 500-ml bottle round no. 1221, 1000-ml
series bottle oval no. 1315 50-ml, 75-ml, 100-ml, 150-ml 200-ml und 250-ml
series bottle wide neck no. 1267 200-ml und 250-ml, 500-ml, 750-ml, 1000-ml, 1200-ml

other: - no. 1307 bottle rectangular 500-ml - no. 0903 bottle wide neck, 25-ml, 30-ml, 50-ml und 65-ml - no. 1308 bottle wide neck, 100-ml, 150-ml, 200-ml und 250-ml